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  People, also have a Thanksgiving heart, grateful.

  With a grateful heart, just like in the journey of life lit a beacon. With a grateful heart, as to master the key to the life palace doors; With a grateful heart, like the ocean of life have a strong ship; With a grateful heart, like the birds have to adjust balance tail...

  Meng jiao wrote in "the wanderer" : the loving mother hand line, wandering onto clothing. Departure thick seam, meaning fear of delay, who made the heart-inch grass, at a three chunhui. Every word words reveal the mother-child affectionate and pour out the charm of a mother's love. We are bathed in a mother's love made sunshine sucking the QiongJiangYuLou full of motherly love. Great maternal love, the father loves the versa, parents give us is of the selfless love of others.

  Looking at parents that covered the years forehead, looking at that endured the backs of the rain, looking at that endure the hardship strands of white hair. Begat黑龙江癫痫医院好不好 just the parents of grace!





  Thanksgiving parents

  Gratitude, it though is a verb, a smile movement, actually, achieves truly grateful person but little little. As the 21st century, we first Thanksgiving of should be parents. Maybe, you wasn't thinking, from your newborn then, until the girl, to youth contradiction of strong and courageous of boy, who you give at most? Needless to say, of course, is parents! So we must do "the 'parents' dripping of grace, when animals are reported." We have today happiness of life, have a warm home, safe, do have a happy, no famine, well-groomed, when leisure read kinds of extra readings do, here everything, and who creates? Are the parents to be thankfu保定癫痫权威专科医院l for, don't we? Although some classmates hatred parents leave task is too heavy, so that the children are suffocatively come, I want to say is: you don't have to for work and exhaustion of body and mind; No room to live without bothering to care, and your biggest task is to learn, that's still not enough?

  Remember a stormy night, bean big rain some cracking hit the window. That night, I suddenly went limp body, ZhiChan, awakened the sleeping mom, mom took a look, 39 degrees thermometer. Now god panic, hurriedly woke daddy, daddy to the kitchen and TuiShaoYao and water, I take next, he lay in bed and absently fell asleep. I woke up after shut-eye, opens his eyes and finds that parents are still in my heart guard, beside a kind of unspeakable felling ` ` ` ` ` `

  I really thank god, let me incarnate upon parents' knees, such as the most extensive and most without parents unconditional love, with all the true love sloping, all emotions to perfusion, a bit does not attend his own labor and hardship, from early parenting, can I tarni治疗青少年癫痫病医院是哪家shed write comments today account of gratitude.

  Thanksgiving is a way, Thanksgiving is a kind of state. Only learn Thanksgiving, can get the respect of others and loved ones.

  Good morning , teachers and students! My name is GaoDan.

  I'm eleven years old. I'm an active girl. I like singing 、dancing、drawing and playing Pingpang.I'm a student of Grade four from wangzhuang Primary School .I like Chinese, Maths ,English and so on.I study very hard and I hope I can become an excellent student. I like making friends and wish to make friends with all of you.This is me. Please remember me, your good friend -- GaoDan. Thank you very much!




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Everyone has their idol. So do I. My idol is neither a big star, nor a person with brilliant achievements. My idol is an ordinary person close to me. He’s my father, my beloved father.My father is 36 years old....




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