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  There are many things in life,then a smile for the teacher,I feel very proud.It is a writing competition the sixth grade next semester,I won the two prize

  Remember that time I very want to join in the game,the Chinese teacher to inform youthe game news,I first signed up,want to cherish this opportunity.But every class onlyallows two students to participate in,my composition level is on the level of our class,even I myself don't expect.

  The day the teacher told me to go to the office,"the report!" "Please come in." Chinese teacher said slowly:"you sign up to participate in the essay contest,you have what idea?" "I." I make an ambiguous statement to say a word.

  The Chinese teacher relieved smile,said:"never mind,have what idea to say.The competition you are the first one to sign up,oneself at that time is how to think?"See the teacher a reassuring smile,I finally plucked up the courage to breath to say:"I wrote a composition in the class is not the best,but I want to seize this opportunity,also can exercise my composition level.I want to have a try." The Chinese teacher is asmile,picked up a piece of paper from the table handed to me:"this is I make the playlist,you see it first." My hands and took the piece of paper has a name was."I!" I could not help but exclaim aloud.

  The Chinese teacher smiled and nodded."I would choose you because of your courage.And your writing skills but also good." Chinese teacher always looked at me and smiled."You can,go home to prepare yourself properly,we have classes on you!" Chinese teacher said saw me out of the office,however,my heart a long time can not be 西安中际医院专业吗calm.

  The contest I overachieving,unexpectedly won a prize two."Awesome!" The teacherthat brief language and blooming smile,makes me very proud.This game let me really understand,everyone is not trivial,even ordinary people,there will be others appreciate attention.It will be my successful book,the source of happiness.

  All in all,my campus life is beatiful and substantialMy Campus Lifeyouth is a beautiful word to our teenagers.youth is the most memorable period of our life.now,i am 20 years old and i am studying in 一件自豪的事英语作文 university.

  I found that the school life is happy and enjoyable.i make lots of friends on school campus,and the teachers in our school are kind and they impart knowledge to us.i study hard at school and try to get good marks in the class,because i want to be a useful person for the society in the future and to fulfill my dreams.

  Sometimes I prefer to stay alone, reading and listening to the music, but I am not lonely, for I like to chat with my classmates about almost everything.

  My favourite sports is playing volleyball,i like to play volleyball with my friends.i enjoy the time at school,that will be the most memorable period of my life.

  Among all the unforgettable experiences in my life when I’ am looking back on those beautiful old days with fulfillment , there’s one thing that I’ am proud of most. Whenever thinking of it, I would find myself happier and more confident than ever.

  It was on a fine autumn afternoon when I was still a teenager. I noticed an old grandma sitting silently under a tall tree in

  front of her house, looking rather sad and lonely. I went to have a chat with her.

  After our short conv佳木斯癫痫医院ersation, I got to know that all the old women’s sons and daughters were far away from her, making their lives in big cities and she felt lonely.

  I felt sympathetic for her, and I realized that there were actually many old people like her in the village. So a good idea occurred to me suddenly.

  I gathered my friends, and organized them to visit there old people one by one. We sang songs, danced and told jokes to them, which made them happy.

  One of them was so moved that tears fell down.

  Caring for those around us and passing our happiness to others are what I have learnt that day. I made it, and I feel really proud of myself that gave comfort to those who needed most.

  In my mind, there are so many colorful memories that I always remember. They were like a small boat, anchored in the harbor of my memory. Every little boat has a thing in it. Some of the little boats, with the breeze, would leave, and some of them would stay where they were. But in the things that are so much like stars, there is one thing that comes to me deeply. It gives me a great sense of accomplishment.

  I remember that it was one evening before the Spring Festival, and I found that my neighbor's uncle was ready to fly a "kongming lamp" and looked at it with curiosity. Only the uncle and aunt opened the folding "kongming lamp", with the four corners of the "kongming lamp", slowly ignited the fuel. Kung fu "kongmin light," "stomach" soon got round, uncle and loosen the hand, a lamp with people blessing "kongmin light" fly in the air, the more it flying high, like a hanging in the sky are shining star. This reminds me of the science teacher's theory of "hot air up". Looking at the "big stars" that ha北京治疗癫痫的医院哪家比较好ve already flown to the sky, I wonder why I didn't make one for myself.

  In our lives, we are always proud of what happens. In my memory, there is something that I am very proud of, which I have never forgotten.

  I remember that morning, when I was in my father's car to go to school, and I watched many brothers and sisters riding bikes and galloping along the road. I was so envious. I said to my dad, "dad, can you teach me how to ride a bicycle?" Father is very cheerful: "you want to learn? Good! That is today evening!" "Well!"

  In a twinkling of an eye, night falls, the moon looks like a golden hook, hanging from the sky. My father and I pushed the bike to the playground. I was a little scared, and I couldn't wait to get on my bike, one foot on the pedal and the other on the ground. "You look straight ahead," he told me. "don't be afraid. I'm leaning back." Because dad was leaning back, I let go and circled around the playground. "dad, I can ride it!" he cried. As I looked behind me, there was no one, and I got out of the car quickly and looked away. My father gave me a thumbs-up and gave me a thumbs up. Suddenly, I was full of confidence and began to ride on my own. After all, I was a little nervous when I was alone, and I got into the grass accidentally. Suddenly, the wheel slipped and I jumped down, and the car fell down. Lying on the ground, I couldn't help being discouraged. Seeing my dismay, my father encouraged me, "come on! I believe you are the best!" I listened, got up again, picked up the car, wiped the dirt off the car, and continued to ride. Now, the more I ride, the better, I can take a baby with one hand!

  This proud thing, although very soon passed, but it has always been in 郑州哪里治癫痫病好my mind, and will always be in my treasure, accompany me, go down together.

  Over the course of my 12 years, there have been so many things that have made people happy, something disturbing, something that makes people proud and proud.

  I am a timid girl. Dare not be alone at home, afraid to be in the dark room, also dare not to be alone in thunder. But since that time I've been "bold", I've been so proud of myself.

  That was when I was 6 years old. It was the sun that was burning hot. Because I love peaches very much, my mother bought me a big bag of peaches. But because my father was busy and I was so greedy, peaches had not eaten for two weeks. Peaches seem to be a hot sun, and one day is worse than the other. It was so urgent that I and my mother, and so on, the peaches were all "heroic". Then, after her mother came back from work, she rushed to finish the housework, took my hand, and sat down on the sofa to eat the peach. By this time, it was more than eight o 'clock in the evening. After the mother gently peel with a knife, cut and give me a good to eat, put some bad only some parts of the peach to yourself, afraid I worry about, he said: "the only a little bit bad, still can eat, do not eat too wasted." Then he ate. After about 10 minutes, my mother suddenly got a stomachache and lay down on the sofa. I am still an ignorant child, I do not know what to do with this kind of situation, I have to stand beside my mother and cry. Mother's face is pale, her head is cold sweat, how to do? Mom told me to call dad and let dad come home to see her. But what about the call? I sit up and listen to my mother saying how to make a phone call. When my mother finished, I went mad and ran to the library.

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